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Car Troubles? Know What’s Going On

Is your car starting to make funny noises? Not sure what to do? Know when to bring it into the shop.

Angie’s List breaks down conditions you’ll notice with your car and what they can mean.

What’s wrong with the car?

According to Angie’s List, when your car is squealing or grinding while you’re trying to stop the car, brake pads, rotors or calipers need to be worked on.

Angie’s List says if there are oil spots underneath it, it is a sign of an oil leak, which could eventually lead to the engine locking up. According to Angie’s List, if there is green liquid leaking, it’s leaking antifreeze, which could cause overheating.

Angie’s List says that if you’re experiencing a slow start, your battery could be dead or on its way. According to Angie’s List if you feel a lot of vibrating while you’re driving, you could be looking at new tires or a new tire alignment. If you feel the vehicle is running louder than usual, Angie’s List says, it could mean that you’ll need to replace your muffler.

Angie’s List says if you hear squealing when you start the vehicle or turn on the air conditioning, you could need to replace your serpentine belt. According to Angie’s List, that serpentine belt helps run the power steering, the water pump, and the alternator.

What to do

Mechanical Work

If you experience any of these troubles, give us a call. Here at Hometown Collision, we are happy to help with your mechanical work, tire rotations, brakes, rotors, and even restoration, as well as collision repair. We’re glad to service your vehicle, and we hope you trust us with your business. Contact us  by phone at 814-419-8228 or by email at

Knowing when your car needs work is important in maintaining the life of your vehicle. Let us help you maintain your vehicle and keep it on the road problem free longer. The quicker you address car problems, the better off your vehicle will be. You’ve made a big investment with your vehicle. Let us help your money go further.

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